Hollowbrook Falls is a fanfiction series created by production company LizardMaster178. It was officially picked up on October 1, 2013.[1] It follows Cynthia Leon, a young girl originally from Alaska who moves to creepy Hollowbrook Falls to discover it's horrifying secrets along with her new friends.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Original air date
Season premiere Season finale
1[2] 26[3] TBA TBA

Season 1Edit

# Title Aired Production Code
1 Pilot TBA 101
16-year-old Cynthia Leon moves to the mysterious Hollowbrook Falls. Along the way, she meets a few new friends and discovers a deadly secret.
2 The Hollowbrook Rumor TBA 102
After Cynthia's next door neighbor has gone missing, Cynthia and the gang try to figure out how he disappeared.
3 The Girl From Nowhere TBA 103
Cynthia and the gang meet a new girl named Rylee Evans who is new to town, but Rylee isn't who she seems to be.
4 Dances With Kidnappers TBA 104
Kathleen befriends a kind young man named Marcus. He invites her to a ball dance. However, he doesn't seem to be so kind.
5 The Discovery TBA 105
Following Kathleen being kidnapped, Cynthia and the gang set out to find her. They end up in a spooky old abandoned house - but things don't go well for them!
6 Once Upon A Time TBA 106
Miranda hears an old creepy story of her ancestor being kidnapped, but did she know that the same thing lurks behind her?
7 The Masked Man TBA 107
Dimitri hires a new assistant named the Masked Man. However, who actually is behind the mask?
8 Christmas On Fright Street TBA 108
It is Christmas in Hollowbrook Falls and Cynthia thinks of a spooky Christmas party to host as Hollowbrook Falls is known for its "spookiness". As she does, Miranda and Kathleen go missing - what happened to them?