Chris LeBeau
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Moss Brown
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Birthday: December 30th
Address: Hollowbrook Falls, Kentucky, US
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Mr. Handsome (by Miranda Black)
Family & Friends
Family: Unknown
Friends: James Moon
Cynthia Leon
Miranda Black
Kathleen Smith
Relationships: Miranda Black (girlfriend)
Cynthia Leon (crush)
Pet(s): Frazer (parrot)
Enemies: Dimitri Diablo
Rylee Evans
Other Information
Interests: Girls
Solving things
Education: Hollowbrook Falls High School
Talent: Sports
Weaknesses: Being kidnapped
Being caught doing pranks
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
"I have to admit, I do have feelings for Cynthia. I love her."

- Chris LeBeau to James Moon about Cynthia Leon in Dances With Kidnappers.

Chris LeBeau is a main character in Hollowbrook Falls.


Season OneEdit

Pilot: Chris LeBeau is known as the popular guy in school, along with his best friend James Moon.